Members Area – Update 7th May 2021

Your Latest Members Update – Friday 7th May 2021

Dear Members,

I hope you have all been keeping well and have been enjoying this last week, the beginning of the new golfing year!

As members I am sure you are aware of the benefits that come alongside our membership but just to run through them to make sure that you are taking advantage of them!

As members you receive:

  • Unlimited Golf
  • Tee booking of 30 days in advance
  • Free Access to 31 other golf courses through being a part of the smart golfer network
  • EGU Handicap
  • Competitions
  • 10% off your drinks in the bar
  • 5% off your food in the bar
  • 10% off at the spa
  • Over 50% off room hire


Competition Update 
( see above) 

Congratulations to the winners of the Men’s Medal that took place this weekend on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May

Division 1:

  1. Kevin Aldridge
  2. Harry McDermott
  3. Richard Banks

Division 2:

  1. Mike Pennington
  2. Stephen Hayes
  3. Russell Rints

Division 3:

  1. Barrie Deaney
  2. Andy Furness
  3. Andrew Davies

Congratulations to Mike Joy for the lowest Gross Score


A further congratulations to all 10 winners of the 2s

  • Jon Poole
  • Mike Joy
  • Adrian Alexander
  • John Morgan
  • Bob Iliffe
  • Kevin Doherty
  • Colin Johns
  • Steve Morvell

Congratulations to the winners of the ladies May medal that took place on Wednesday 28th and Saturday 1st

Division 1:

  1. Debbie Bowyer

Divisions 2:

  1. Hilary Shakespeare

Division 3:

  1. Linda Fletcher

Congratulations to the winner of the 9-hole Stableford qualifier

  1. Mary Jefferies

Course Update:

With the lighter mornings I understand our keen golfers want to be out at the crack of dawn! I do ask that you hold off until the first tee time at 7:30 as the greens team need the time before this to get the course ready.


Many Thanks,